1Password for Families

Today 1Password announced a new pricing model. Dave Teare from 1Password explains:

Families are near and dear to our hearts, so we wanted to find a way to make 1Password affordable and accessible for all families everywhere.

Today, I’m happy to announce that we succeeded! We’ve created a special plan with an amazing price just for families, and we went even further by making it easier than ever for families to use 1Password.

With 1Password for Families you can license 1Password for a family of five for $5 per month. You can use 1Password on any platform and you can manage the family from the Admin console. I think now, more than ever, families need a way to create and manage secure passwords. Early adopters get additional benefits including two free months and an increase to seven family members. Learn more from 1Password.

Significant 1Password Updates

The team at Agile Bits rang in the new year with some significant updates to 1Password for both iOS and the Mac.

1Password for iOS 6.2

The new iOS version lets you search from anywhere, including the Favorites and Organize tab. They’ve also brought the Watchtower feature to iOS. Watchtower keeps an eye on security vulnerabilities from around the web and lets you know if it thinks you may have a problem. For instance, if you have an online account with at FranksManureAndFineJewelry.com in your 1Password database and they get hacked, 1Password will alert you. I’ve loved that feature on the Mac and am really happy to see it on iOS. 

Finally, for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, they’ve added 3D touch features including Peek and Pop, and a quick action menu on the home screen that lets you create a new item, view favorites, or search 1Password. 

1Password for Mac Version 6

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.58.51 PM.png

Version 6 for the Mac is also here with some notable new features. The new password generator on Mac is both better and easier. It will now also create a random word password, which makes key passwords easier to remember. If you haven’t tried 1Password vaults yet, you should. It lets you segregate your most important data so you can share only the data that needs sharing and segregate everything else. This new version makes managing and viewing your vault data easier with the All Vaults view. Thanks to Apple loosening a few rules, you can now also sync your data via iCloud even if you did not buy your version of 1Password from the Mac App Store.

The 1Password team clearly put a lot of work into these updates. The iOS update is free and the Mac update is free so long as you were already using version 4 or 5. You can learn more and buy 1Password for Mac from Agile Bits or the Mac App Store. You can find 1Password for iOS on the App Store.

1Password Keyboard Shortcuts

Few software companies get blogging the way 1Password does. They just posted a helpful guide to using keyboard shortcuts in 1Password that had a few tricks I didn't know. For instance, did you know holding the Option key will reveal a password and Command-Shift-C copies the password without any pesky mousing? Follow the above link for all the details.

Weekend Project: Heartbleed Recovery Kit

There has been plenty of news about the Heartbleed bug this week. TidBITS did a great job summing it up. It appears something we all took for granted as really secure (Open SSL) really wasn't. As users that means we've potentially been compromised at a lot of websites. I say "potentially" because there is really no way to log incursions due to the nature of this bug. That's a little terrifying. So what should you be doing this weekend?

First take a look at this handy list from Mashable. If any of your vendors and online accounts show up as compromised AND fixed (that second part is important), log in and reset your password. If the site is compromised but not fixed yet, don't log in. In that case, don't touch it until it is fixed.

You all know how I'll be updating my passwords, with 1Password, which was not compromised. As an aside, someone at Macworld/iWorld asked me why I always change my major passwords (banking, iTunes, Amazon, Dropbox, Paypal) twice a year. Things like this are why (although in fairness this bug is so bad that wouldn't have saved me either).

1Password Version 4

Today marks the release of 1Password, version 4. Agilebits has been hard at work on this update for some time. I jumped on board in the middle of the beta and have been using it on a daily every since. If you’re already a 1Password user, you are really going like this update. If you’re not a 1Password user, shame on you and go get it now.

This update includes over 90 new features aimed at reducing the distance between security and convenience with password management on your Mac. You can get a full description of the updated features at the Agilebits website. There are couple, however, that I already find indispensable.

1Password mini

Before I could only access my 1Password data through the Safari plug-in or the full on application. Now they have a nice little menubar application that lets me get this data. You can trigger it with a keyboard shortcut and if you’re like me, you’ll be using it quite often.

iCloud Sync

This only works with the Mac App Store version but if that’s how you roll, you’re going to really like this new feature. Now I can attach my 1Password data to the device without my Dropbox password. I’ve been using iCloud sync now for two weeks without any issues.

Shared Items

I can now share entries (or entire 1Password vaults) with my wife. No longer do I have to struggle through what to do when she asks me to email her the password for banking website.

There are a lot more features than this. If you bought version 3 from the Mac App Store, this upgrade is free. That’s how I would recommend buying this application if you’re jumping on with version 4. It has allowed me to share the application with everyone in my household and enables iCloud sync to my iOS devices. If you want to get it directly from the developer, you can do it here. Either way, this is a really nice upgrade to an already fantastic application. Make sure to check it out.


1Password for iOS 4.2

Agile just released 1Password 4.2 for iOS and it is a really nice update:

Better Browser Go & Fill Bookmarks are now in 1Browser on iPad. (The iPhone is coming.) Also, if 1Password sees a URL in the clipboard, it’ll prompt you to open it in the 1Password browser.

Better Sharing You can share 1Password vault items (encrypted) with others. This will make things much easier between myself and MrsMacSparky.

Better Search Search in iOS 1Password now searches all fields.

Learn more on the Agile Blog.

1Password Browser Extension Update

Agile today released an update to the 1Password Safari browser extension that adds a nice little animation as it fills in web forms. People sometimes ask me why I trust 1Password to manage my passwords. When they sweat litle details like this, you can rest assured the big details are well in hand.

1Password Emergency Kit

We talk about this on the upcoming MPU episode but it is worth linking here. Mike Vardy made a nice template emergency kit to help people out with your 1Password data in case of emergency. Do it today and give yourself a gold star.