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Bring Your Daughter to App Camp for Girls at Macworld/iWorld

App Camp for Girls and Macworld/iWorld are joining forces this year to offer a special App Camp for Girls on March 29 right in Moscone Center during Macworld. They are looking for girls 12 and up to come and learn about app development. If you were already thinking about going to Macworld, why not bring your daughter along so she can join in the geek-fest. That's what I'm doing. Girls planning on attending the App Camp can get a free pass with this link. 

App Camp for Girls


The Sparks family just contributed for a second time to Jean MacDonald's App Camp for Girls project. There are only five days left on the Indiegogo project and they are almost at their $100,000 expanded goal. I got to watch Jean talk to 3,000 people last weekend about this project and I saw the pictures of the girls at the camp and this project is truly worthy of support. Don't believe me? Ask The New Yorker.