ComicBookFonts Sale

The annual sale at Comic Book Fonts has started. Comic Book Fonts has some remarkable fonts that normally sell for hundreds of dollars. They are now all on sale for $20.14 (2014, get it?) I buy a new one every year and find use for these quality fonts in presentations and even some documents. Head over to and get busy. If you haven't bought it yet, I recommend Hedge Backwards. I use that one all the time. This year I'm trying to decide between Code Monkey and Sign Language

The Sketchnote Typeface

Mike Rohde, author of the Sketchnote Handbook and recent MPU Guest, just released the font he created for his book. In my opinion, 99% of all "handwriting" fonts look terrible. Mike's font fits in the 1%. There is even a web-friendly Typekit version. I plan on putting this font to use as well. For instance, this font is perfect for a Keynote presentation that I want to make feel informal. I'm also not beyond printing out a note card with this font and signing it, as if my printing were this good.


More Monospaced Fonts

Today I received several notes about monospaced fonts following yesterday's post. Here are some more great monospaced fonts.

Bold Inconsolata

There is a Google Web font version of Inconsolata with bold. I've already upgraded.
via Luca Soldaini

Adobe Source Code Pro

This is a free font from Adobe and I'm really liking it. I'm trying it right now in Byword.
via Andy Taylor


This is the font used in iA Writer and a lot of people love it. It costs €39.
also via Andy Taylor

Okay. I think monospaced fonts are out of my system now, for awhile.