mac power users

MPU 204: Presentations

Episode 204 of the Mac Power Users is now available. In it Katie and I talk about some of our favorite tips for giving good presentations and I talk a little bit about behind-the-scenes with the new book at the end.

MPU 200: The Story So Far …

Episode 200 of the Mac Power Users is now available. That's 200 shows. That's approximately 300 hours of talking about how to turn average and beginner users into power users. That's 300 hours of the best work of my life.

This show is a bit introspective but also includes some of our favorite tips and show recommendations. If you've been with us this far, you may enjoy this episode just for the sentimental value.


MPU Episode 200 Live on Sunday 10am PST

KatieFloyd and I will be recording episode 200 of the Mac Power Users this Sunday June 22 at 10am PST. We’ve got lots of plans for this show and we'll be broadcasting live on 5by5. You can find more information, including how to listen remotely or alternate timezones at

Show 200 is going to be out of the ordinary and fun including a look back on Mac Power Users over the years. If you have any general questions for David or I, curious about the show, or just want to share some of your favorite MPU moments or how the show has helped you, please send those to and we’ll try to include them.

MPU 192: iOS Picks

In Mac Power Users episode 192, Katie Floyd and I share some of our favorite iOS application picks. In the midst of it all, we had an interesting conversation relating to read it later services and the sometimes-fallacy of "efficient" software. Enjoy.

Mac Power Users Live, May 3 at 10am PST

Things have been nuts for me lately on several fronts. I spent some time this afternoon feeling sorry for myself until I realized I have the perfect cure in a live podcast about spectacularly geeky things planned for tomorrow. That's right. The Mac Power Users monthly live show is set to go tomorrow at 10am PST/1pm EST. If you've got nothing better to do on Saturday, why don't you stop by at the appointed hour.

MPU 187: Word Processors

This week Katie and I dive deep on the current state of word processors on the Mac and iOS. We also talk about whether or not word processors even relevant in 2014. Sadly, we decided that for too many people (myself included), they are.

MPU 186: MPU Live

We recorded our second live show last Saturday and we're getting better at it. This show includes feedback and listener ideas relating to email, AppleScript, OmniFocus, Hazel and more. I really like the ability to tackle listener feedback and ideas once a month. If you missed it live you can download it now. Also, check out the show notes at the above link. Hay Oborn is not messing around.

MPU 183: Merlin's Fifth

This week Merlin Mann came back to the Mac Power Users. Merlin was our original workflow guest and his annual visits are always one the highlights of our year. This year we cover the emerging technologies in home automation and talk about what makes some apps stick while others never do.