mac power users

MPU 187: Word Processors

This week Katie and I dive deep on the current state of word processors on the Mac and iOS. We also talk about whether or not word processors even relevant in 2014. Sadly, we decided that for too many people (myself included), they are.

MPU 186: MPU Live

We recorded our second live show last Saturday and we're getting better at it. This show includes feedback and listener ideas relating to email, AppleScript, OmniFocus, Hazel and more. I really like the ability to tackle listener feedback and ideas once a month. If you missed it live you can download it now. Also, check out the show notes at the above link. Hay Oborn is not messing around.

MPU 183: Merlin's Fifth

This week Merlin Mann came back to the Mac Power Users. Merlin was our original workflow guest and his annual visits are always one the highlights of our year. This year we cover the emerging technologies in home automation and talk about what makes some apps stick while others never do.

MPU 182: The Traveling Geek

This week's Mac Power Users is all about how Katie and I, as affirmed geeks, travel. In this episode you will learn some helpful tips AND the depth of my neurosis. I call that a win-win. As a follow up to my point about windshield mounts for your car, listener Paul writes in with this helpful link about exactly where you can legally use such devices.

MPU 180: Feedback Extravaganza

The first MPU Live episode published this week. In it, we include some listener audio questions and cover tweaking automation workflows, organizing PDF files, going back to school with an iPad, and more. We are going to continue doing these the first Saturday of every month and I expect them to get only better with some short listener interviews and a live audience. Enjoy.

MPU 179: Calendar Management

This week's episode of the Mac Power Users is a deep dive on calendar applications and how we use them. Towards the end I explained some of the specific tricks I use to keep my calendar in check that (I think at least) are pretty helpful. Check it out.


MPU 177: Workflows with Gabe Weatherhead

In this week's episode, Gabe Weatherhead joins us to talk about being a Mac geek in a PC office, DEVONThink, and automation. It's a great episode. As an aside, there was a limited problem with the feed where some people didn't get this show. (This was particularly a problem for DownCast users.) Please make certain 177 is in your feed.

MPU 176: Everyday Automation and MPU Live

This week's episode of the Mac Power users is out. In it Katie and I share some of our favorite automation tips.

We've also decided to add an extra show to the schedule every month where we'll be dealing with listener feedback, doing some listener questions and mini workflow interviews and field a chat room while we record. We're calling it MPU Live and we are going to do it at 10AM PST on the first Saturday of each month starting with March 1, 2014. If you've got something to share with us, send it in. 

MPU 174: GarageBand for Everyone Plus Macworld 2014

I've always felt that everyone that gets a new Mac or iPad should kick the tires in GarageBands regardless of their musical talent or experience. In this week's episode, Chris Breen joins us to talk about using Garage Band for making ringtones, playing with loops, learning an instrument, recording a song, and more.

At the end, Paul Kent joins us to talk about Macworld 2014, where you can meet Chris Breen, Katie, myself, and thousands of other Apple geeks.

MPU 171: Photo Management

This week Bradley Chambers joins Katie and me as we talk through some of the best solutions for photo management. This is a problem I've been dealing with at home for awhile now and I'm pretty happy with my current solution (though I'd much prefer Apple to solve this for me).


My Dulcet Tones

This week I showed up in not one, but two podcasts:

MPU 168

We often collect topics that aren't worth getting their own show but at the same time bigger than a few minutes of feedback. We did this in episode 168 with a variety of topics including iPad styli, cable cutting, offsite backup, and home sound systems. I also spent ten minutes explaining how I brew tea. Katie's disdain for this topic was both palpable and delightful all at once.

Coaching For Leaders 119

Dave Stachowiak was kind enough to let me guest on his show where I talked about email and productivity in general. It was a lot of fun and Dave produces a great show.


MPU 163: Education and iPads with Fraser Speirs

This week Fraser Speirs joined us to update us on the progress of the 1 to 1 iPad program he has been administering for several years. Fraser has unique insight on the iPad and education and this one is a great listen for that alone. We also talked at some length concerning his impressions and thoughts on the new iPad Air.