mac power users

MPU 273: Workflows with Jonathan Mann

This week's Mac Power Users features Song-A-Day's Jonathan Mann. Jonathan is a talented musician that can write a song in about the same time it takes me to get my keyboard turned on and find my sheet music. Jonathan does all of this with Apple technology and he explains the whole workflow. Jonathan also made jingles for our sponsors that we included in the show. My favorite was the TextExpander one.

MPU 272: Mac-Based Small Business

This week's Mac Power Users features me talking about the steps I took to set up a small business when I left "the firm" to open my sole practitioner law practice. The last several months have been some of the most exhilarating of my life and I've picked up quite a few nerd tricks along the way.

Mac Power Users: Christina Warren and MPU Live

This week we've got twice the fun over at the Mac Power Users.

MPU 270: Workflows with Christina Warren

We've wanted Christina for a long time and it was really nice finally talking with her about her work as an Apple journalist and Apple Music. We use the backdrop of the Apple Earnings Call to discuss her workflows.

MPU 271: MPU Live - What's the Worse Thing That Could Happen?

We talk with Kent Newsome about working in a "locked down" office, we also discuss Amazon's Echo, listener travel tips, two factor authentication apps, OmniFocus workflows, sharing tasks, referenced photo libraries and answer listener questions on a variety of topics.

Get them while they are hot.

MPU 263: Rethinking Task Management with Kourosh Dini

This week's Mac Power Users episode goes off the reservation a bit. I get tons of email from listeners asking for help with task management. Their problems quite often are not about what app to use or what OmniFocus perspective they need. The problems often run deeper. As a result I asked nerd and psychiatrist Kourosh Dini to come on the show and talk about why Task Management is so hard. I think the show came out great.

Catching Up with MPU

There were several MPU episodes recently released worth checking out:

MPU 261: Live From WWDC

This episode summarizes the changes coming to the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch along with our thoughts and comments. I included several observations from my time at WWDC in this episode.

MPU 261: MPU Live

In this live episode, Jeff Richardson joins us to talk about Apple Watch. We also follow up on Dropbox, and photo workflows, meal planning, DevonThink, storing items locally without sacrificing drive space, and travel tips.

MPU 260: Small Business Non-Profit with Jean MacDonald

Jean MacDonald, founder of App Camp For Girls joined us to talk about her experiences creating a nonprofit. Jean discusses the genesis of App Camp, generating community support, and the logistics of running, funding, and marketing.




MPU 257: Workflows with Merlin Mann, Episode VI

This week Merlin Mann returns for his annual visit to Mac Power Users. This is one of my favorite episodes every year. This year we discuss hardware and software updates and if it's necessary to keep up with the latest and greatest, Merlin's growing use of iOS over Mac OS, and kids and technology use.

Did you also know we just received a new episode of You Look Nice Today? YLNT involves Merlin, Scott Simpson, and Adam Lisagor recording their often bizarre and always funny conversations, adding a little bit of ukulele-ladden post production, and releasing it to the world.

MPU 256: MPU Live

I really enjoy our monthly live shows. This past Saturday Katie and I recorded this show with a full chat room. We covered  the benefits of digital meal planning, follow-up on DEVONThink workflows, our favorite RSS feeds, managing small SSDs, resources for a new iPhone user, better fonts for iOS, and my new MacBook.


MPU 250 Live: We're Just Getting Started …

It was fitting that our 250th episode took place with a live audience. You'd think that after this long Katie and I are running out of things to say. We're not and there is lots of great content planned for the coming months. 

In this episode we're joined by Brett Bruney to discuss scanning on the go, we follow-up on LaTex, RSS and cord-cutting. We also address listener questions about splitting iTunes accounts, merging contacts, scheduling time to complete tasks and share listener tips about automating a home webcam, using Keyboard maestro, and automated RSS feeds.

MPU 245: My Neighbors Think I'm Completely Insane

In episode 245 of Mac Power Users, Katie and I discuss Smart Folders with guest Joel Anderson. We also follow up on texting workflows, managing large scans and OCR quality, journaling, compare Launch Center Pro and Workflow, talk about monitoring your home network usage, help a listener assemble media for a family legacy project, and discuss the Apple Watch. Also, Katie judges me on my colored Hue lights.