Unlocking Hyperlapse

I don't know how I missed this when it first posted but Austin Mann did a post on Hyperlapse that has the potential to change your game with iPhone videography. I'm going to be trying some of these techniques over the weekend. Maybe you should too.


Lume Cube

A few years ago I made a rule that I don't back anything on Kickstarter that includes electronics of any form. However, I've thought a lot lately about getting some simple lighting I can use with my phone and camera. This Lume Cube might fit the bill. It seems to strike the right balance between price and quality for the "more than casual" consumer photographer. In other words, pretty sure I'm about to break my rule.


Fireworks Photography


Just in case you are going to be near some fireworks tonight and want to take pictures, get yourself a tripod and a camera that can keep the lens open to catch all that light. Everyone on Twitter points to Slow Shutter as a way to pull this off with your iPhone. I wrote a few years back about how I like to do this with sparklers. If you want a soup to nuts explanation, read this tutorial at Digital Photography School.